Should Uniforms Compulsory Essay

  • Need to wear school uniforms

    The reason why school uniform is compulsory because some students are in upper class, middle class, lower class. However, the rich students would wear expensive clothes to school and distract the others who could not buy the same type of dress. We need to get used to wear uniforms when we can't what ever we want when we go to job. A school is a place where we come to study, not to show our wealth. When i wear uniform, I felt that all of them are rich.

  • They promote a businesslike setting

    Yes, I believe that uniforms should be mandatory. Uniforms makes for a team atmosphere. Uniforms also move students minds from judging what each other is wearing to focusing on learning. School has become more of a fashion show then a place for learning. Uniforms also can stop some of the bulling that occurs when one student is unable afford name brand items.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Uniforms should only be mandatory in private schools. Public schools should never require a student to wear uniforms. This takes away from a student's freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is very important at that age. It can put a damper on their creativity, and creative growth is more important than school uniforms.

  • Yes they help

    School uniforms should be required in public schools across the United States of America. These uniforms help take away many issues that we see that happen in schools. It can help with for example the picking of some children that takes place inside of the classroom let us reduce violence.

  • Compulsory school uniform

    But will the children ever get bored with this fashion trend of not wearing the uniform. Nowadays children love wearing low waist pants and skirts in the school. A school is a place where we come to study and not to flaunt our wealth. We have uniform so that everyone is equal. Remember that school children did not go to school to advertise their uniform, hence the uniform makes them look equal as students. All they are there for is education and nothing more. Most importantly, wearing a school uniform shows respect for the school. But when it comes to school, there are definite benefits to having mandatory uniforms for students. Many think that school uniforms help maintain school discipline, decreasing the amount of discipline problems. Children invariably tease those who do not have trendy clothes. Those who can’t afford name brand clothes are often sensitive about their clothing.

  • Mandatory Uniforms

    In my personal opinion, I do think that requiring students in public and private school to wear uniforms would be a great idea. I've seen the positives of this with my son who started uniform dress in Kindergarten and is now in 2nd grade. The kids don't get made fun of for what they wear since everyone wears the same type of clothing.

  • School Uniforms Make Better Grades and Less Classism

    By making kids wear uniforms, they would no longer have to worry if they look cool enough. Other kids couldn't make fun of you for what you wear. The poor would look the same as the rich. This would translate to less worry and better grades as a whole. School is for learning, not self expression. And self expression doesn't come from what you wear on the outside anyway.

  • School uniform should be mandatory to avoid distraction.

    The reason why school uniform should be mandatory, is because, some students are from rich family, some are from middle class family and some are from less privilege family who could not afford to buy fashionable clothes for their children to wear to school, unlike the privilege once they would be able to afford for their children regardless of the price. However, children who wear expensive or fashionable clothes to school, distract the others who could not afford to buy the same dress.

  • Dress codes prepare students for the work world.

    Students need to get used to not being allowed to wear what they want on weekdays. When they go to a job interview or even to a job you can't weaer what you want jobs have dressed codes which have to be followed. Therefore, schools need to enforce dress codes.

  • School uniforms have a positive impact on school environments.

    Uniforms have a positive impact on school environments by promoting the idea of a universal student body that is of like mind when it comes to education. Students who attend schools that require uniforms develop a better understanding as themselves as representative of an institution. They are also better attuned to their commonalities rather than their differences.

  • Should School Uniforms be Mandatory? Essay

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    Many debates form over the opinion of whether schools should require students to wear uniforms. Some schools go through the same argument annually of whether to enforce school uniforms the following school year. A number of people argue that uniforms take away from the students’ individuality, while other people concur that uniforms generate unity within the school. Even though many people disagree with school uniforms, countless reasons are evident that uniforms should be mandatory. School uniforms provide schools with many positive results. Uniforms help improve school greatly by insuring safety within the schools and decreasing violence within the students at school. Research states many ways uniforms improve schools, such as allowing…show more content…

    To gain firsthand experience and knowledge, Traner’s principal visited a successful mandatory school uniform program in Long Beach, California, which reportedly had achieved a 70% reduction in students discipline incidents. Officials at Traner then gained support of 90% of the parents and immediately started seeing improvements in the students’ behavior (Daugherty 3).
    Uniforms reduce bullying over clothes and take away violent or vulgar language on shirts such as the advertisement of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs (Kizis 2). Another positive result of school uniforms other than improvement of schools is the social benefits for students. Uniforms provide many benefits for the students such as the promotion of a sense of unity, the decrease of differences between the poor and the rich, and the reduction in clothes related conflicts (Daugherty 2). One social benefit school uniforms are responsible for is providing the students with a sense of unity. When everyone dresses the same, students feel like they belong. School uniforms give students a sense of being equal to each other despite their race, gender, or economic status (Wilde 1). Another social benefit school uniforms provide is the decrease in differences between the poor and the rich. Students who come from low income families are not as self-conscious about their clothing because all students wear similar shirts and pants (Wilkins 5). School uniforms also allow social benefits by reducing the

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