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The description of Study Smart : Study Planner

Study Smart makes studying fun, efficient and well organized by helping you plan and track your study goals.

This is a study planner for exams which is for personal use by students and also as a general study planner app for anybody interested in effective learning. Personally, I use it to track my learning activities, work and exercise activities as well.

Study Smart is the study planner for exams that helps you record study time, prepare a study timetable, plan study or homework sessions in your schedule, get reminders of upcoming assignments and much more. It provides a simple easy view making it the best study planner app and more generally, a great student app as well.

Are you looking for an exam preparation app ? If you answered YES then this is the right app for you.
As a student trying to learn a subject, you can :
★ Add topics to study for homework or exams using this homework planner
★ Plan sessions in your schedule for each subject using this study planner app
★ Track the amount of time spent studying a topic using this study timer app
★ Share notes with friends and study buddies using this student app
★ Prepare a study timetable planner for exams using this exam preparation app

Study Smart is more than just your study planner for exams. It also maintains context and helps you track your study activity so that you can measure your progress with homeworks or exam preparation or a reading habit. This frees up your time. That is why you need this study timetable planner for exams.

Study Smart is a multi-purpose study timetable for exams, a study planner for exams and homework planner that goes in your smart phone and is always within reach. It's your study buddy app or study helper app or a student app in general.

Study Smart is highly recommended for every student interested in effective learning of subject. To improve your study life, Study Smart is the correct study planner app for you.
As a student, you will benefit from this student app if you want to :
✔ plan sessions for daily school homework with this homework planner app
✔ take notes on smartphone with this student app
✔ get reminders of assignments, school homeworks, exams using this exam preparation app
✔ maintain a study timetable to record your learning using this study timer app
✔ planner for exams like SAT, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT etc using this study timetable planner for exams
✔ study english, study bible
✔ have a smart study planner

If you need an exam preparation app, install study smart as it will help you with study planning. It will let you add the exam subject, it's topics in the "My Topics" section. Add sessions and get reminders. Use the study timetable planner for exams and add study sessions to your day. Track your preparation with the study timer feature of this exam preparation app. Good luck with your exams :)

Want to get better grades ? Install this homework planner app to prepare a study timetable planner for exams to do your homework in time. Use the study timer to finish assignments and submit in time. This will also work as a pomodoro app to help you use the pomodoro technique during your study time. The homework planner, study timer, along with other features make study smart the best student app that you can have.

Study Smart has many features that make it a great study planner for exams and study timer app. It is a lot better than the pomodoro technique apps available in the market because it has a lot of additional features that help you track your study time, do your homework, take notes in the class, schedule study sessions, create a study timetable etc making your study life very peaceful. So you can use Study Smart as a study planner app, a study timetable app, a study planner for exams, a homework planner, an exam preparation app among other things.

For any queries, please contact and you will have an immediate reply.

Thank you and please give a rating and review :)

The description of MyGenda Student Planner

What makes MyGenda the best option for organizing homework, assignments, tests, lectures, and pictures is it's simplicity, ease of use, and beautiful design. Organize your schedule, plan out classes, and get through middle school, high school, and college with ease. Students can now ditch their paper agendas and notebooks in place for one that is accessible anytime and anywhere at the flick of a hand.

MyGenda is unlike any other college planner or student agenda application. With MyGenda, students can not only take note of assignments and exams by hand, but also through recordings and pictures.

*Key Features*

Track your tasks - note down homework, assignments, classwork, reminders in the designated class.

Keep note of exams - write down upcoming tests, quizzes, and assessments to plan out your daily calendar and schedule

Take pictures of the white board - instead of manually typing out your tasks and exams, quickly snap a picture while in class and access it later.

Record lectures from teachers - save important lectures about important test topics for future studying use.

Add/view your schedule - input all your classes, including the different times/days they occur. Rotation days are supported. Forget what room your class was in? Just check MyGenda.

Enter holidays/days off - get notified of an upcoming holiday to enjoy your time off/

Get reminders- get reminded of upcoming tasks, assignments, tests, and exams

Forget to bring your agenda or planner to school? Don't want to dig through your backpack to find your plans, schedules, and to do list? Do you want a better alternative to a paper student planner, school diary, or academic agenda? MyGenda is exactly what you need.

MyGenda Student Planner has a clean and simple material design that is easy to use for anyone in middle school, high school, and college. The app contains special features to integrate your block schedule. Now, it's easier than ever to keep track of your school life.

Upcoming Features!

- Integration with Google Calendar to access to-do-list anywhere
- Home screen widget

A digital agenda is the modern way to organize your studying and work schedule. Learning to be organized can save your grades, reduce stress and anxiety, and make you more successful.

About The Developer
MyGenda was developed by a 15-year old high school student.

MyGenda Student Planner for Android official Trailer

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