Postgraduate Personal Statement Imperial College

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[City 1], February 6th 2011
Imperial College
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2A7

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently graduated cum laude with an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from [University 1] in [City 1], Venezuela. After graduating first in my class out of 15 chemical engineers and overall second out of 151 graduates, I am now looking forward to continuing my education in the M.Sc. in Advanced Chemical Engineering program at Imperial College.

Towards the end of my studies, I participated in a one-year student exchange program between [University 1] and [University 2] in Germany. I dedicated the first semester to coursework, which I then followed by the completion of my diploma thesis at [Company] in [City 2], Germany, under the supervision of Dr.-Ing. [Name of tutor]. In my thesis I worked on the design and construction of an integrated cross-flow test system for the study of membrane processes and conducted the start-up tests on this pilot system to ensure its effective and safe operation. Additionally, I studied the performance of solvent-resistant nanofiltration (SRNF) membranes in a small dead-end filtration cell. I am very satisfied by the fact that my work contributed to an innovative solution aimed at providing economic, operational and environmental advantages for the production of fine chemicals at [Company].

My year as an exchange student greatly enhanced my preparation as an engineer, but some of the most fulfilling experiences came from the challenge of adapting to an environment very different from my own. Breaking the language barrier, meeting people from all around the world, exploring new places – experiences such as these have been tremendously enriching on a personal level and now encourage me to continue my education in a truly international atmosphere such as London’s.

By joining the M.Sc. in Advanced Chemical Engineering program at Imperial College I intend to deepen my understanding of modern issues and tools in chemical engineering and enhance my knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills. From a research point of view, I am deeply interested in the work of Imperial College researchers on membrane technology and reaction engineering, and I would like to develop a research project, as specified by the program, in any of these areas.

Today’s globalized world demands not only technical proficiency, but also the ability to consider economic and social issues in order to take comprehensive decisions. By joining my university’s Model United Nations student group I fostered my interest in these areas and strengthened my management and analysis skills. I look forward to the opportunity of taking modules from the Imperial College Business School to further hone these abilities.

After completing the program I intend to join the chemical industry and become a leader in the search and application of cutting-edge solutions in chemical engineering. Currently, I work in the application of optimization models for the production of a local pharmaceutical plant. This has shown me that, despite the current difficulties, there are still ample opportunities in Venezuela to implement innovative solutions on an industrial level and make a meaningful contribution as an engineer. The insight gained at Imperial College will undoubtedly help me direct my career towards these objectives.

My solid preparation in the fundamentals of chemical engineering and my resolute work ethic and motivation put me in a great position to take the best out of this program. I look forward to your positive response and to joining Imperial College.

Sincerely yours,

[Name and signature]

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04-Feb-09, 12:06

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by Hollyc123

posted about 9 years ago


I'm having some difficulty with writing the personal statement for my masters application. I am applying to study history of medicine at Imperial college in London. What do universities expect to see in a postgraduate personal statement? any tips would be really appreciated as I want to make my application really stand out.

Thanks :-)

12-Feb-09, 23:44

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by taramarie

posted about 9 years ago

I think I would include a lot on why you want to do history of medicine specifically (as opposed to just history or something more general), and why you want to go to Imperial, what is it about the course there that interests you more than other universities?

State your aims (if you know them), do you want to continue to phd, a career in research, make sure they know that you aren't just doing this because you don't know what else to do.

Mention some of the skills you have developed at under grad and how you are going to apply them to your masters, talk about anything you have extra-curricular that i kind of relevant but also makes you seem interesting.

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