Equipment Accountability Essay

Being accountable for equipment is the most important thing to being successful in the military. In the past couple hundred years, the Military has been successful at winning wars because we are the best equipped. To stay successful, we must keep accountability of all our equipment.

When we first sign up for the military, everyone is issued basic military clothing and gear to get through basic training. This is just the start of what you will receive through out your military career. The military issues you everything that you will need to be successful for missions. After you complete basic training and advanced individual training, you go to your gaining unit. Once you at your unit, you will go to CIF where you will receive more equipment to train properly for what ever your mission may be. Keeping accountability for this equipment is very important. Different units must be prepared for anything. This means having all your equipment at all times. If you do not have all your equipment you may not be prepared for the mission and that could effect your units readiness. The army depends on each unit to be prepared for missions when during time of war and even during peace time.

Before deployments, each soldier will go through RFI and recieve more equipment that is needed for battle. All this equipment and gear the military issues is to make each soldier prepared for war and in peace time missions. The military has spent many of millions of dollars researching and designing clothing and equipment to make the soldiers, the units, and the military successful. If we don't account for this equipment then we are not doing out part in being successful in the military.

Equipment is not just individual gear, but everything that is related to the military. From the boots on your feet to vehicles. Everything is accounted for and must remain accounted for. Some things are expendable.


Gear Accountability Essay

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Mitchell Strohmeyer
Lance Corporal Uch
3/4 Kilo
Importance of Gear Accountability Gear accountability is very important in the Marine Corp. What would a Marine do in a combat environment if he left his Kevlar back at the rear? None of his brother’s would just happen to pull out an extra for him to borrow for the patrol. The same fundamentals apply to any other significant equipment items. In combat environments all the gear issued is issued for a reason, whether it is something as major as a rifle or something as small as a flashlight. It is even wise to sometimes bring unrequired gear like an e-tool just in case. I will try to explain why Marines need their gear, what they can do to prevent it, and what could happen…show more content…

What also happens is people just lose things and have no idea until later when they need it. Marines lose things because of a few reasons. Probably the most common is when they are being hurried, which is pretty much 100% of the time. The other common reason is because a lot of junior Marines are young, irresponsible, and inexperienced. I’m pretty confident that most of the senior Marines here didn’t start at the level of responsibility or leadership that they are currently at, but have been through what the younger marines are going through and learned from their mistakes, and now trying to teach us so we don’t make them as much as we

might without the seniors. Most junior Marines, no matter their age, haven’t lived the experiences that have helped mold our seniors. These are the reasons that even Marines older than some of the seniors aren’t as mentally mature as the Marines that may be younger but have much more experience. This is the same reason we do police calls immediately following ranges, to ensure that nothing is overlooked. They realize that we are deploying with them and that we will be the ones to their left and right and will be depending on us to make it home to their families, so they need us to be as prepared as them. Losing a piece of gear is much more serious than an item lost in the rear during training, not only will a lost piece of gear possibly take time to get

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